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Stelni allows you to instantly and securely send unlimited files without any size restrictions.

Through our simple and secure service you will be able to receive and send large files directly into your email inbox without having to send multiple emails, sending USBs or using other third party programs.

Our Services

Our Services
Documents Instantly

Send and receive documents instantaneously to and from any email address. 

Any Size and Quantity

Don't be limited by size and quantity restrictions set by emails and other communication sites.

Customised to your Business

We develop a completely personalised landing page for your business. Click here for an example.

Safe and secure document transfer

Transfer documents to outside business organisations, clients and partners safely and securely. 

Streamline work allocation

Send and receive all attachments and documents in one email, streamlining work allocation and business processes. 

Ready to find out more?

Contact us for a 1-month free trial to find out the value and benefits your business can enjoy.

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